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A complete range
of professional refrigeration
and storage equipment,
to precisely meet the needs of
professional laboratories
and kitchens.

Blast Chillers

The blast chilling process reached by using high-performances and technologically advanced blast chillers is the best method to prolong food and ingredients shelf-life, always granting freshness and fragrancy.

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Refrigerated Cabinets

Reliable performances, ergonomic and functional design, innovative technology is among the main strength points of the TECNOMAC conservation units, result of our experience in the refrigeration field.

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Retarder Provers

Food products as bread, pizza, pastry and leavened products in general, must ensure high quality and fragrance. The selection of ingredients and the artistry of those processing them, are just two of the basic aspects of success.

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Water Chillers

In bakery art-craft and in the preparation of whatever raised product, a proper control of water temperature is fundamental. The use of refrigerated water allows to scrupulously control the dough temperature, thus obtaining perfectly raised products.

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